Death on Mars

by Milked

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This album wouldn't have been remotely possible without Nicholas Papaleo's hard work and dedication. Love you, Papa.


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released June 30, 2017

All songs written by Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson - vocals, guitar, keys, bass (except Track 4)
Matt Schwerin - drums on all tracks (except Track 4)
Bobby Lord - aux. guitar on Track 4 and 6
Nate Lanthrum - Drums on Track 4
Andrew Lanthrum - Bass on Track 4

Recorded by Nicholas Papaleo at Soapbox Music at various times summer 2015 - summer 2016
Mixed by Bobby Lord, track 4 mixed by Bobby Lord and Nicholas Papaleo
Mastered by Nicholas Papaleo
Artwork by Kelly Johnson
Released by Exploding in Sound Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: White Punks in Angst
Today I'm gonna quit my job
Cuz I've got practice with the band
I can always find a little cash
To get me by
I've got no sympathy for

White punks in angst
Or their suburban dreams
Of making a scene

I've got some money for the beer
After I skip cover at the door
I can always find a little cash
To get me by
I've got no sympathy for

White punks in angst
Or their suburban dreams
Of making a scene
Track Name: Caledonia
In a coma
I get blown away
I've been laid to waste

I hope that I
Can see the tornado
I hope that I
Can see the clouds comin' in

I can see the bodies
Blowing around me now
Track Name: Oscillate
He casted out the fire
Casted out the rain
No obligations underway
Then he lifted up the veil
To see the pain
Of the world and the ashes that remained

You can sink the new Titanic
Make friends with god

But you'll oscillate
Oscillate all around

Now he's getting fat
Off his thoughts and dreams
Of the endless possibilities
Moving east towards the lake
Drifting up to the sky
Closer to that tethered satellite
Track Name: Death on Mars
I am tiptoeing past
The baboon in the yard
Right up to the base of your stump
You are a tree and you're worth
Shaking out all the fruit
If it's rotten
Well I've got some too

Maybe in the future
We can die together on Mars
But hold my hand for now
Until we leave this planet earth
Track Name: Goodbye Durango
Crow are in the attic
And the rats are in the basement

I turned on the tube
And thought about my younger days
On planet earth

The chandelier is swinging
In the mud
And I'm a shark who cannot
Smell the blood

It's just the weight of 1,000 immovable
Objects on your chest that will
Sure make the time go slow

So goodbye Durango
Feet don't fail me now
My feet won't fail me now

They come swoop down
And steal all of my shine
But I don't mind
Track Name: The Cosmos
Now that I am orbiting
Around the planet earth
I wish I paid attention to
The cosmos
Sure, I found it interesting
But that doesn't matter
When everyday's a dream
And I'm awake

We're inside out
I'm in the sky
You're on the ground

I could barely feel my head spin
As we drifted towards the sun
Or maybe it was probably a comet
But as soon as I get comfortable
On this new lunar planet
I swear that I will learn about the meaning
Of it all

Cuz we're inside out
I'm in the sky
You're on the ground
And I miss it on the ground with you

When I was living right next door to the ocean
I never seemed to go down to the beach
Track Name: Picking Up
Picking up is never quite enough
When you're life is spinning
Spinning on its own
You called me on the phone late at night
Said I've been making plans
To leave the earth
To leave the earth and
Forget about this planet
We can ride to Mexico in a UFO
Ride in a UFO

As for me
I think I'll stay indoors
Until I've made amends with this world
Cuz in my head
I can barely hear
That we can forget about tomorrow

Now I wait 'til love to come
Tie me to the tracks
I wait for love to
Tie me down
Track Name: Cruithne
I feel my mind descend
Into the grains of sand
I don't feel my arms
Wrapped up in this cellophane
It's been pretty simple just
To make the change this far
Back to my old ways
Of my earthly pleasure days

I look through my wallet for
A picture of the past and I
Just tossed my ticket
Cuz it's canceled anyway

And on the shores of Cruithne I
Can finally get some sleep

I am coming home
Track Name: Enouement
I don't understand a thing
About space exploration
And I don't wanna find myself
On a permanent vacation
In crowded pubs
And vacant hubs
I wake myself to sleep
Or crawling through a black hole
Stretched along at either pole
Tried to stop the world from spinning
Just to keep this time
Living the same day over
Just because it's fine
Now I've found a brand new place
To existentially whine
To get sick of the patterns
And the routines in my life